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Areal has the best augmented reality engine in class. With amazing features that transforms your world like you have never seen before.

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What is Areal ?

Areal is a leading augmented reality app for mobile devices across all platforms.Bridging the gap between the print and digital mediums Areal’s has the best in class AR engine which turns any smartphone into an active scanner for all AR based contents. You can find all your interests like the prints & magazines with extra contents that breaths into action on your devices. Areal also provides users information over the horizon on various interests, mapping the world in augmented reality. The free Areal app is downloadable from Google’s Play Store for any Smartphone and Tablet device.

Why Areal ?

Areal is a highly compatible and efficient application with a powerful AR engine, which canperform all AR application in a jiffy. Developed by Adstuck consulting private ( LTD.)

We believe the existing advertising mediums are to be the passé.With online advertising as the most popular medium at the present, AR is the next big transformation industry is about to brace. Already visible in print and mobile advertising AR is going to transform the advertising industry and subdue all existing mediums.

Our Products


Areal Evento is a complete networking solution inside one app. You can invite people to join event that interests you. Attend speeches and make new connections. Networking in events was never this easy! Areal Evento networking app creates opportunities for one-on-one interaction more likely; even post events and allow you to keep in touch with people you have met in those events. Saving your valuable time, Areal Evento organizes and simplifies the process of registering for any event, it also help you to separate the important people form the crowd. Areal Evento is the ideal solution for today’s events & networking.

Areal local app Areal localo wifi app


Areal Localo is an app from 'Adstuck consulting private Ltd.', which solves all the marketing wows for any business, with the aid off Wi-Fi networking. Areal Localo brings the flexibility in handling time and staff consuming processes like lead generation, launching promotional campaigns, gathering consumer data, etc., via surveys or feedback forms and digitizes it into an automatic and computerized process. Areal Localo Wi-Fi app, puts you in the command centre rendering all marketing tools with a touch of a button.

Hear augmented reality app Areal app


Use Wi-Fi to connect game consoles and use your smartphone as the controller. Gamo is app available in both iOS and Android platforms. Download Areal Gamo on your smartphone which readily uses Wi-Fi, to connect with a smart TV or computer Screen as the browser display and uses the same Wi-Fi connection and lets you make inputs into the game using your smartphone's hardware.

Hear augmented reality app Areal app


Adstuck presents to you an amazing app for your smartphones, 'Areal Hear'. Communication using high frequency, inaudible sounds, Areal Hear' gives new meaning to a whisper. This new technology allows user to send and receive messages to a number of people who are tuned in, with the help of Areal Hear app. Areal Hear is applicable where internet connection is not present. It is ideally useful in board room, conference, meetings or tours. Additionally messages can be broadcast using normal speakers in public places like shopping malls, airport and railway stations, etc.

Areal App

Areal imbibes technologies like GPS – tracking, cloud computing, motion sensing, image & object recognition, voice detection and Geo – navigation, resulting in an amazing platform of different utilities at your fingertips.

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